Writer's Block: What’s in a Name?

What name do you wish you had?
A name is a name. It is a tool to present yourself. A name does not represent anything other than what you represent. Changing my name would not change my personality, my beliefs and my faults.

What I do right now is making others learn what my name mean. My name will represent every action I do, so it is I that choose the meaning; not the name that choose me.

Writer's Block: It’s the end of the world as we know it

If you had the option to learn the exact moment and details of your death, would you choose to know?

I find this topic hillarious for a simple reason : Livejournal ahs been bugging for some time and yesterday I couldn't acces it at all. Might be a message for their personal death.

Either way, I don't want to know when I'll die because I can't support stress of any sort and I will die beofre of an anxiety attack ...
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About to prank my mom

In the most awesome way ever with a surprise visit :D

I live 8h drives from home at the moment so I'm going to drive it Monday Night by bus to surprise her. Even got my dad on it, he's faking that our phonecalls are related to the house I rent.

Joy, I love it when my dad does stupid things with us XD
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I was so dissapointed by the movie ...

That  to make me feel better I bought the Ravage USB key and the Rumble and Frenzy Headphone I was missing from my collection .....

Now I'm missing Grimlock mouse XD

Gah, I was so bored I went on ebay and bet for some toys. I found Ravage for the cost of 11$ (yeah!!) and 40 for the headphones. When I'll receive them I'm going to use them with my Soundwave mp3 player!

As for that, I have Optimus mp3 base and well ... when I got it my Boyfriend (the gifter) told me 'You'll try to plug them together so they'll have sex right away won't you' in a discourage way ..... Of course I tried but it doesn't work ( D: ) I need to write a fiction for it for fun.

Quick Harry Draco Drabble

For leo_draconis who's feeling down.


"Move out of the way you twat, I can't reach the doorknob"

"I'm trying, you tit, but your bloody elbow is in the way!"

Harry grunted when Draco elbowed him again. They were stuck into Harry's apartment closet because someone, in Draco's own opinion, had been dimwit enough to not tell his best-friends he was dating him and to give them a spare key to his place.

The end result had be disastrous. They'd been in the middle of a quick shag against the wall in the corridor. Draco's leg around Harry's waist and both uncaring about their surrounding, only caring about the sweet sensation of their lovemaking. The knocks on the door had went over their head, they were too concentrated on each other. In a slow, libertine thrust up Draco had heard the jingling of keys and a door unlocking. In the split second in which Harry catches-up on the sound, he had apparated them into ... the hall closet.

After half an hour of waiting for the uninvited guest to leave stuck in an uncomfortable position. Now they were to cramps and stuck to apparate out of the closet and were trying to get out quickly to get dressed.

"Uh faster Potter, it's not your legs that are cramped up."

"I would go faster if you'd stop pushing me away from the door. Stop struggling and we'll get out."

"I'm trying to get comfortable to let you move, uh just shut up and hurry!"

"Almost .. got .. it .. ah yes!"

Unceremoniously both men fell down to the ground, at the feet of a blushing Granger and stuttering Weasley.

"Congrats Potter, that was one way to come out of the closet to them"